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Kylie Revealed Tyga's Friends Warned Him Not To Date Her

And she detailed why they really broke up over the summer.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga are perhaps one of the most controversial couples in recent pop culture history, due mostly to the messy background behind their coming together. Not only was it totally scandalous for Tyga to hook up with his ex-fiance's friend's little sister, but there was also the minor detail that they were rumored to have already been a thing while Kylie was still underage.

It's a lot of drama, for sure. Kylie landed the cover of Complex magazine this month, and in the accompanying interview, spills the tea on her and Tyga's tumultuous relationship. The couple split ways for a while back in May, and despite the rumors, it wasn't because Tyga cheated.

"I just needed to see what it was like not being with him. [Then] we realized that wasn't what we wanted," she told the magazine.

Kylie also got real about what it was like when they first got together.

"The first year we started hanging out, everyone around him told him not to be with me," Kylie confessed. "I still get comments like, 'Don't be with him.' But we're not doing it for the public - we love each other."

"We need to be together at all times," Kylie continued. "We never get mad at each other, we just figure things out."

So what about her rumored relationship with PartyNextDoor? Apparently, it was never serious.

"He asked me to be in the 'Come and See Me' video, and that was after Tyga," Kylie said. "Me and Party have a cool relationship. I think he's so talented and I love his music. But I wouldn't say we dated. It never really got to that boyfriend-girlfriend stage. It was just fun. I was doing what I wanted to do."

Well, I guess that settles that. Are you #TeamKyga, or will it always be kinda weird to you?

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