Let's Talk About 'Chocolate City,' the Other Male Stripper Movie That Quietly Came Out Over the Summer

Move over, Magic Mike. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Magic Mike XXL left a hole in the hearts of women everywhere that could only be filled with one thing: more movies about male strippers. That's where Chocolate City comes in.

Here's the set-up: Michael (played by the gorgeous Robert Ri'Chard, who you've probably been crushing on since his Cousin Skeeter days, let's be honest), is a struggling student who takes a job as a male stripper to make ends meet. He, of course, keeps his new career choice a secret from his mom (played by Vivica A. Fox) and girlfriend, eventually getting fully sucked into the glamorous world of exotic dancing.

Is it anything groundbreaking? No, but who cares?

Chocolate City has been widely called a black version of Magic Mike. Said the director Jean-Claude La Marre to the LA Times: "When I saw [Magic Mike] a couple years ago, there was one glaring omission, and that was that there weren't any people of color. I saw it as a missed opportunity for them, so I decided to start crafting my own version of this subculture."

The aptly-named film is full of familiar faces gyrating on screen: Michael Jai White, Tyson Beckford, even Ginuwine (whose song "Pony" is pretty much the anthem for every male stripper movie ever).

The film enjoyed a limited theatrical release in May and did well for a small indie film, and on June 10 (after less than one month of being shown in theaters), the movie made its network premiere on BET.

If you missed it the first time around, don't fret. If you're having Magic Mike withdrawals (and we wouldn't blame you - Channing Tatum giving a lap dance to '90s R&B is a beautiful thing), Chocolate City is available for purchase from streaming services like Google Play and Amazon. Or you can just drool over the gifs:

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