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Lil' Kim Goes Off After A Fan Throws Something At The Stage During Her Show

She almost ended her performance early because of it.

Lil' Kim is not someone you should mess with.

During a recent performance, the rapper had to pause her show to put her fans in check, BET reports. Judging from a short clip of the tense moment, an unidentified fan must have thrown something onto the stage and Lil' Kim was having none of it.

"I can get on some bullsh*t," she said. "I don't know what that was that came up here, but y'all know I'll still crack a n*gga motherf*cking sh*t! I don't know who the f*ck threw that sh*t, but I bet it won't come out here again."

Kim was so pissed she even threatened to cancel the rest of the show. Take a look.

Lil' Kim isn't the only star who's had to correct fans this month; Ashanti recently made headlines after she hit pause on one of her performances to reprimand fans for treating her like a stripper.

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