Lil Kim Is Annoyed She Has To Clarify Her Comments On The Nicki Minaj/Remy Beef

She wants no parts.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Azealia Banks may have inserted herself into the beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma, but don't expect Lil Kim to follow suit. Kim and Nicki have never been BFFs, but Kim has no interest in fighting a battle that isn't hers to fight.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Kim gave her two cents on the feud, as well as on that video of her where she pretty clearly seems to be cheering Remy on.

"I'm glad you brought that up because in the media the other day, I had a show, and I hate stupid blogs when they try to take my damn situations and clip them," she said. "We all know the situation that's going on with Remy and ol' girl. That's their situation and I have nothing to do with that."

"They have a rumor out there like, 'Kim is gonna do a diss track with Remy,'" she continued. "First of all, let me tell you this. Number one: y'all giving ol’ girl too much credit. I'm not even thinking about that. I'm not even thinking about ol' girl. I'm so far past that. That's never on my mind. Ever. Ol' girl has never been on my mind for a long ass time at all. So I hate the fact of that being in the equation."

Kim also addressed the rumor that she's planning to team up with Remy and go after Nicki with her. Basically? Don't hold your breath.

"First of all, after hearing 'ShETHER,' that sh*t is so hard, Remy don't need no damn help," she said. "Why would I need to come together for that? I mean, I'm into the music and I'm speaking musically wise — the song is just hard, period. Just like [Drake's] 'Back to Back' was hard — just good hip-hop music. But I got nothing to do with that."

"When I had my situation and my situation came up, I handled my business," she went on. "If anybody comes to me, if ol' girl came to me, I'ma give them the business. That's just the bottom line of it. So if it ain't coming my way, I ain't got nothing to do with it. Me and Remy is cool. I hate when media do that. That's the thing."

I guess that "Ladies Night" remake they're planning is still on... it's just a shame that #TeamRemy won't be inviting Nicki.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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