Lil Wayne Bailed On His Own Concert After A Fan Threw A Drink At Him (Video)

Weezy wasn't having any of the nonsense.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Lil Wayne is not down with any shenanigans going on during his shows.

BET reports that the rapper was performing in Garden City, Idaho, recently when something happened that pissed him off so much that he ended the concert early. Wayne was beginning his performance of "A Milli" when a drink sailed through the air toward him, seemingly out of nowhere. It didn't hit him, though it only missed by a hair, but the incident was enough to seriously piss Weezy off.

"Let me tell you something," Wayne said to the crowd. "I don't know if you thought I was a buster, but I'm rich, so I can't throw one back. But watch this: goon squad, come here."

Wayne's "good squad" then walks on stage, at which point Wayne gives them further instructions, saying, "Throw that sh*t back at 'em. Throw it back at 'em. Throw all that sh*t back at these n*ggas. Show over, man. Whoever the n*gga is in the middle, he just ruined y'all time. Show over."

Clearly it's a bad idea to try and mess with Lil Wayne. Check out footage of what went down below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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