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Lil Wayne Might Have A Sex Tape Floating Around

He's wearing nothing but his socks in the video.

Lil Wayne may be the next celebrity to find himself embroiled in a sex tape scandal. According to TMZ, there's footage floating around of Weezy having sex with two women while wearing nothing but his socks. Word is, one of the women in the video is trying to profit from the encounter, and has been taking the tape around to various porn companies in an attempt to land a sale.

Wayne is far from shaking in his boots (or socks?), though. His legal reps told TMZ that, were any company to release the video, they'd "sue the hell out of them." His reps also stated that if such a tape does exist, Wayne wasn't aware that he was being filmed at the time.

Fortunately for Weezy, there aren't any porn distributors willing to take the bait, yet. Legally, it just isn't worth the risk, so it's likely that "One Night With Weezy" will never see the light of day.

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