Lindsay Lohan Is Not #FeelingTheBern, Endorses Hillary Clinton

How the Sanders campaign will ever recover, we aren't quite sure.

By Eric Shorey

Last we heard from perpetual self-improvement attempter Lindsay Lohan, she was caught aggressively mouthing off at a bar. Now, the fragile starlet is moving on to something even more controversial: endorsing Hillary Clinton.

While other celebrities are flocking to Bernie Sanders' campaign, Lindsay is joining fellow young feminists like Lena Dunham, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce with an Instagram post as politically confusing as it is cryptically wise:

The quote Lindsay is sourcing here comes from Hillary's embattled Benghazi hearings, in which the Former First Lady was accused of mishandling a deadly situation in the Middle East. Although it's impossible to tell if LiLo is relating to the difficulties of international crisis management or the sentiments behind the quote, what's clear is that Lindsay isn't finding herself amongst the Bernie Bros today.

How the Sanders campaign will ever recover from such a blow, we aren't quite sure. We're calling it now, Hillary 2016.

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