Lindsay Lohan Under Fire For Hurling Racial Slurs And Spitting At People At A Bar

 Not a good look, Lilo.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

It looks like Lindsay Lohan is back to her old tricks again. According to Page Six, Lilo let her ugly side out while visiting a bar in Manhattan over the weekend, where she ended the night by hurling racial slurs at the bartender and spitting in a fellow customer's face.

The bartender, who wishes to remain anonymous, told reporters that things got ugly after he asked Lohan and her sister Ali to leave the bar. The two had spent 20 minutes in the bathroom, and after the man knocked on the door and asked them to go, Lohan let the racial insults fly.

"Lindsay came out and her eyes were glazed over and she started yelling at the bartender – who is originally from West Africa – 'This is New York. You're not from here," a source told Radar Online. "What stunned everyone is when she was talking to him in a mock African accent and she kept asking him if he was from Ghana. It seemed like a racist attack."

Lindsay did eventually leave, but not without first spitting in the face of a customer who had tried to diffuse the situation. Lindsey and her friends returned shortly thereafter, but were unable to get in because the bartender had locked the doors.

"They came back with their lights on their cameras and they put their face up to the windows. Lindsay was slamming her hands on the windows. She was messed up," said the source

As if that wasn't crazy enough, one of Lindsay's friends came to the bar and tried to start a fight the bartender. It wasn't until the cops showed up that the guy finally left.

What a strange, traumatizing night for the bartender. Miraculously, he's decided not to press charges. 

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