Lindsay Lohan's Stepmom Allegedly Got Sloppy Drunk And Assaulted A Cop

"I got totally beaten up."

Being somewhat of a mess seems to run in Lindsay Lohan's family. This weekend, Kate (Major) Lohan (wife of notorious sleazebag Michael Lohan) reportedly got real drunk and attacked a cop. While I'm pretty much 100% in favor of anyone talking back to police, it doesn't seem like Kate was making a political statement — sounds like she was just sloppy as hell.

This all went down in South Florida earlier this week. Kate was found intoxicated and belligerent by police, who noted that Michael had prevented her from entering their house. Kate attempted to run past police and into her home but was stopped by the displeased law enforcers. Kate also threatened to throw ice (interesting detail there) at an officer and kicked one while being arrested.

She sounds fun!

When asked about the situation later, Kate stated that she was trying to protect herself. “I got totally beaten up,” she said. “I was trying to comply.”

This isn't the duo's first run-in police. In 2015, Kate was arrested for scratching Michael's face during a domestic abuse incident. That year Michael was also arrested for assaulting Kate during a different argument.

Lindsay better stay away from all this. She's got enough to deal with on her own.

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