Ludacris Is Going To Celebrate The Fourth Of July At Guantanamo Bay

That's pretty American.

By Aimée Lutkin

What are you doing on the Fourth of July? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Cool. Well, Ludacris is going to perform at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, the controversial detention center for suspected terrorists. Reports of torture under the Bush administration were aplenty, and many have been held for years and years without trial. Obama has been trying to shut down the place since 2009, but there are still 79 people imprisoned, at least 29 of whom have been recommended for release.

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But there are still soldiers at the nearby base. About 6,000 people live in the area in total, and they get a party every July 4th, too. Ludacris is one of the most high-profile performers they’ve had for a concert recently, probably because of the area’s storied past. According to the Miami Herald, the venue is essentially a parking lot by the water that can fit around 2,500 people, and far enough away from the prison camp that no one there can hear.

The venue has also seen Jimmy Buffett and Jimmy Eat World. That’s a lot of Jimmys. Ludacris will be a new sound in an old, outdated place. Think he’ll do “Area Codes”?

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