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Very Real

'Luke Cage' Is Unapologetically Black And White People Are Seeing Red About It

Grab your cup of tea and let's review.

By Jazzi Johnson

Luke Cage has been all the rage in these internet streets since it dropped on Friday, September 30. Although I've only been able to watch the first episode, all everyone's been talking about is how unapologetically black it is-- and oh, how beautiful and sweet it feels. That is, everyone except for the racists.

A superhero show that's set in Harlem, centers around the black community, and tells the tale of racism, black oppression, and redemption somehow has way too many black actors for the comfort of some. "Diversity!" they yell for the first time in their sad, pathetic lives. There are so many white tears on Twitter that we shouldn't foresee a drought anytime soon.

As black and brown people continue to fight to be seen on the screen, Luke Cage is a refreshing alternative for most. Still, we must review the outrage and judge its racist meter accordingly.

Shall we begin?

First off, any statement that begins with a declarative sentence such as "I'm not racist" 9.9 times/10 undoubtedly has some rather Trump-ish comments to follow. This one gets a 9-rating. 

Not knowing the true definition of racism is truly something worth exploring. Is the comment racist, prejudice, or just ill-informed? I'd say it's a mix, but it's definitely problematic.

The following tweet earns a 10-star raging racist rating, sir. (Or bad satire? How is this even real?)

Is this what George Zimmerman said to himself before approaching Trayvon? That the presence of the color of his skin made him uncomfortable? I'm pretty sure it was fairly similar.

Not for nothing, the lead actor of the series Mike Colter, who plays the bulletproof superhero, revealed that the signature image of Luke Cage in a bullet hole hoodie is actually an homage to the young man we've all grown to mourn. For that, this comment gets a 10 on the racist meter. Tough luck.

Sir, your Twitter name is Evil Death... I'm not sure if you qualify to speak on anything ever, but since we're here... Did you notice anything else as you watched an entire series? No commentary on events that took place or the quality of the work or the acting? You get an 8, I don't have the time.

I'll give you a 7 for attempting to make a smart statement. Why not?

Of course, not all white people who watched the show had such a negative response to seeing people other than reflections of themselves on the screen. This guy gave us all a hell of a laugh with this exposè:

And then there was this necessary commentary (and countless others) by our fake family at Twitter:

Racist White People - 0. Luke Cage - 1,000,000,000.

[Photo: Netflix Trailer Screenshot]

h/t Bossip

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