MAC Just Released Color-Changing Lip Balms

Mood lips are making a comeback.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Your lips can now speak without saying a word. MAC Cosmetics launched a new line of mood lip balms that change colors based upon the specific chemistry of your skin. MAC’s Tendertalk Lip Balm comes in five different shades including baby pink, bright purple and coral, per Teen Vogue. 

For '90s babies, this is a blast from the past. Mood cosmetics and jewelry were all the rage at one point, including mood nail polish and mood rings. Many fans remember colors like blue being associated with supposedly "warm" skin while black signified that you were ice cold.

Two testers at Allure tried the Tendertalk line to see how trippy the colors looked on each of them. Play With Me (red) and Teddy Pink (sheer pink) did look a bit different on each girl. "As far as the quality of the actual balms, these are the bomb," the review says. "They go on really smooth and they don't feel sticky and hair-catching like the old-school versions used to. They also feel super-hydrating."

MAC's color-changing lip balms will be available starting June 16th. They will sell for $20 each.

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