Make An Adorable Cartoon Pet Version Of Your Pet With PETMOJI

Sometimes you want to take a break from your IRL cats, who use the litter box and demand to be fed. PETMOJI is the perfect app for that.

By Aimée Lutkin

I am a real life cat lady, with two adorable fluffy muffins trying to jump in my breakfast plate every morning and running across my face every night. But sometimes I want to take a break from my IRL cats, who use the litter box and demand to be fed. PETMOJI is the perfect app for that (download from iTunes), and also a good way to get psyched for the new animated film Secret Life of Pets. I’m pretty sure my cats’ secret life is sleeping on the kitchen counter until I come home and yell at them, but whatever.

The PETMOJI app is designed for you to create a cartoon version of the animal destroying your furniture, so I went straight for a kitty cat. There’s an option to create your own dog, but no thanks. Dogs are great, but they expect too much.

In theory, you're supposed to make an approximation of your own pet, so you can text them to friends or family or people who insist on getting your phone number at the bar. I kind of went the fantasy route, and made my PETMOJI much more full figured than my real cats. Fat cats are the most huggable. You can also design their color, pattern, tail length, and expression. I gave mine a Mona Lisa Smile, because she has a secret:

And intense eyes, which I think approximates the expression cats give you when they're hungry:

There’s a character limit for naming your PETMOJI. I was going to go with Susan B. Cathony, but instead I chose to honor Drake’s song of summer, "Controlla:"


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