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Make Your Selfies Look Like Kim Kardashian's For Under $60

The secret is...

Kim Kardashian is the queen of taking the perfect selfie. She's so good she even published an entire book of photos called Selfish. So what’s her secret? Is it getting the right angles or having a glam squad on call 24/7? Nope. It’s her phone case.

Kim shared a photo of the Lumee phone case as the secret to her selfies. “Selfies about to be LIT! Today on my app I talk about the perfect selfie lighting! The secret to my selfies Lumee.com,” she posted on Instagram.

According to Lumee’s website, the phone case adds a front light to any smartphone for perfect selfie lighting. As any selfie expert knows, lighting is key to getting that healthy glow and flattering look. The case also protects your phone and comes in several colors. It’s unclear from the site whether Kim is a paid endorser or actually uses the case in real life.


Either way, for under $60, you can take more lit selfies.

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