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Male Film Critic Says If He Were A Lesbian, He Would "Go For The Hotties"

Jeffrey Wells has something to say, unfortunately.

Everyone has an opinion...even when no one asked. Film critic Jeffrey Wells, a noted online troll, has decided to take it upon himself to talk about lesbians and Hillary Clinton. 

Jezebel shares that in a post titled “How I’d Play it” (with a photo of Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend), he writes sexist things like, "I need to express this carefully but honestly, so here goes. If I was a young, rich, highly fetching actress who had decided a year or two ago that for the time being (or maybe forever) that I was into girls, I would naturally go for the hotties." These "hotties" are, in his words, "the same kind of foxy, dishy women whom most guys find highly desirable, with or without a same-sex orientation."

Wells also weighs in on pressing matters like Hillary Clinton, which he also knows nothing about. "If Hillary Clinton is smart, she won’t bray her acceptance speech tonight... She needs to be cool, calm, precise, confident. Allow her experience to speak for itself." Here, he's advising the Presidential nominee on how to give her DNC speech because, you know, he's an expert. "'Spirited' and 'exuberant' are fine, but no braying. Braying is bothersome — pretty much everyone agrees on that."

This is what happens when anyone can start a blog.


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