Malia Obama Can't Dance (But That's Okay!)

Malia may have looked a tiny bit awkward dancing at Lollapalooza, but we love you anyway, boo!

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Instead of attending the Democratic National Convention, first daughter Malia Obama opted instead to hit up Lollapalooza over the weekend, and honestly, how could anyone in the entire world judge an 18-year-old for making that decision?

Well, because this is the world we live in, many people in fact did judge her—mostly in the form of racist comments online—but that wasn't all. Malia was filmed getting down with her bad self while in the crowd at Lollapalooza, which has caused both pearl clutching over the prevalence of twerking among teens and some (lightly) roasting Malia over her supposed lack of rhythm.

I mean, first of all, she wasn't even twerking, just grinding a little bit, but anyway. Do you agree that Malia can't really dance? Catch the clip below.

Oh, Malia. You are the cutest person in the entire world. Please ignore every single person on the internet and never, ever change. [Photo: Getty Images] 


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