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Very Real

Man Accused Of Raping High School Student As She Died From An Overdose

"She died having sex with me," Brian Roberto Varela allegedly told a friend later.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
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A man in Lynnwood, Washington has been accused of raping a high school student as she died from an overdose.

19-year-old Brian Roberto Varela has been charged with manslaughter, second-degree rape and controlled substance homicide after police found the body of 18-year-old Alyssa Mae Noceda in his bedroom, People reports.

According to police reports, Noceda went to Varela's trailer home for a party on Saturday night, where she collapsed and slipped into unconsciousness after snorting Percocet and ingesting liquid THC. Varela then allegedly raped the teen, and later told friends that he "did not know if she was alive or dead when he ejaculated into her," Buzzfeed reports. Varela is alleged to have also taken partially-nude photos of Noceda while she was unconscious and sent them to friends and co-workers in a group text, writing in one message, "LOL I think she od'd, still breathing. I'm smashing her to pass the time."

Varela reportedly opted not to take Noceda to a hospital because he was "too tired," choosing instead to go to bed. Noceda was dead when he woke up the next morning, and Varela went to work a double shift at Dairy Queen, where he reportedly boasted about the previous night's happenings, telling one co-worker that he'd had to break Noceda's legs in order to stuff her body into a black crate, which he intended to bury later.

"She died having sex with me," Varela is also alleged to have said.

One of Varela's co-workers shared what he heard with his girlfriend, who was then able to locate a Facebook post made by Noceda's mother, Gina Pierson, asking for help locating her missing daughter. The co-worker and his girlfriend reported what they'd heard to police, who went to Varela's home on Tuesday, where they found Noceda's body in a black crate in Varela's bedroom.

Varela was arrested that morning, and later admitted to using Noceda's "dead thumb" to unlock her iPhone and update her Snapchat with a post intended to make it seem as if she had run away from home, which Noceda reportedly had a history of doing.

Varela is facing charges of manslaughter, second-degree rape, and controlled substance homicide, all of which carry a separate $500,000 bond. He has not yet entered a plea.

[Photo: Facebook, GoFundMe]