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'Man Buns of Disneyland' Is Everything You Love About the Internet

Hot guys + Disneyland + Instagram = instant win! 

Good news for all you lovers of man buns out there—and really, that should be everyone, because who doesn't love a nice man bun? Your new favorite Instagram account combines your favorite male hairstyle with the magic of Disneyland.

Man Buns of Disneyland collects and shares photos of, well, guys with man buns at Disneyland. It's simple, it's random, it's magical. The account currently boasts more than 53,000 followers, and only looks to be growing.

In an interview with refinery29, the account's creator, known only as Christy H., shared what makes a man bun worthy of MBOD: "You have to keep your hair clean, nobody likes the greasy look. Another thing that's great is the I-don't-care-but-I-still-look-hot bun. The best man buns I've seen are always the ones that aren't trying too hard."

Clearly, the woman knows what she's talking about. Feast your eyes on the sample below, and get ready to waste way too much time scrolling through a delightful mix of hot hipster dads and really cute babies. 

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