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Man Hysterical After Catching His Wife Cheating While Flying A Drone

'Cheaters' for techies.

Drones are being used for everything from food delivery to Amazon orders and trapping cheaters. One tech-savvy husband decided to spy on his wife with a drone and caught her cheating on him.

The man, a YouTube user called YAOG, caught the whole ordeal on video. "Recently I found out that my wife's been cheating on me," he explains. "I caught her meeting a guy only a few blocks from my home." He used a drone to track his wife's movements throughout a day and saw that she was taking a different route than usual.  "I knew something was up," he says. "She was going to meet this c*ck sucker."

Like a bad train wreck, the husband can't look away. He watches as his wife meets her lover in a CVS parking lot. “If you watch carefully, you’re gonna be able to see 18 years go right down the f*cking drain,” the husband yells, about his 18-year-marriage ending. "Boom, 18 years gone. 18 f*cking years, gone!!!"

His drone cheater video currently has over one millions views. 


[Photo: YouTube]

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