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Manny Pacquiao Apologizes For Anti-Gay Comment, Still Totally Hates Gays Tho

Well, this doesn't sound like an apology at all.

Manny Pacquiao, a man who makes his money by punching other men in the face, doesn't like gays. He made that clear earlier this year when he stated that gays are "worse than animals" because animals "know how to distinguish male from female" and gays do not.

Now, after losing endorsements from Nike (good job Nike, by the way), Manny is offering a half-assed apology. But don't worry, bigots! He still doesn't think much of sexual minorities.

Asked whether he regrets his comment, he says: "Yes, but I'm not changing my position. It's what the Bible says. But my mistake is just comparing them to animals. I'm just human; nobody's perfect."

Could this be the most tepid apology of all time? Maybe!

Pacquiao is also currently a senator in the Philippenes and is contemplating a presidential run after his retirement from boxing.

So, that's terrifying!

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