Mariah Carey's Team Refuses To Take The Blame For That New Year's Eve Disaster

"She should have walked off and thrown the mic at somebody’s head," said her manager. WELP!

By Eric Shorey

As far as we're concerned, Mariah Carey is a heavenly angel who can do no wrong. If she wants to explosively botch a performance and sassily prance around on stage instead of singing in front of a global audience: just let her! She's fine! She's better than fine — she's perfect!

Anyway, I guess Mariah's team feels like they need to explain that NYE disaster. Here's what they had to say about the scene in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

First of all, she didn't skip no damn rehearsal: "Not only did she not ditch rehearsal, we got to Times Square at 2:30. They weren’t ready for her until 3:20. We waited around for their stage manager. We had the stage from 3:20 to 3:50. She had a dance stand-in for the musical number. She sat on the side of the stage with her ear-pack and her in-ears and her microphone to make sure she could do the sound check. The most important thing to her was the sound. The sound was coming in choppy. She was assured it would work by the evening," said Stella Bulochnikov, Carey's manager.

Both ear pieces and mics continued to not work throughout the performance. "Right when it goes live, she can’t hear anything," continued Bulochnikov. "The ears are dead. They’re dead. So she pulls them out of the ear because if the artist keeps them in their ears then all she hears is silence. Once she pulled them off her ear she was hoping to hear her music, but because of the circumstances — there’s noise from Times Square and the music is reverberating from the buildings — all she hears is chaos. She can’t hear her music. It’s a madhouse. At the point, there’s no way to recover ... She should have walked off and thrown the mic at somebody’s head — that would have been a great moment."

Apparently, Bulochnikov even attempted to have the West Coast's feed cut at the time, but producers of the special refused.

The most important detail of the interview is that Bulochnikov is essentially accusing the producers of allowing the performance to continue in order to create a "viral" moment — which, essentially is what happened. Producers have refused to issue an apology: "That’s disgusting. We live in this viral world where anybody will do anything for a viral moment," added her manager.

Luckily, it doesn't seem like Carey herself is too scathed by the screw up: "She’s just ignoring it. She’s got so many more important things to do."


[Photo: Getty Images]

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