Matt Barnes Says He Didn’t Beat Up Derek Fisher… He Was Just Being a Good Dad


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

So, Matt Barnes isn’t the crazed psycho that drove 95 miles to beat up his ex-wife’s new man?  The Memphis Grizzlies player says that stories of him flipping out and putting the smack down on New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher over Basketball Wives’ Gloria Govan are far from the truth. "I can't believe people think I was some maniac driving 95 miles and listening to Tupac to go beat somebody up," Matt tells ESPN.

"No. I live 15 minutes away, and I was going over to check on my kids because they seemed uncomfortable. That was my main reason for going over there."

According to Matt, his kids seemed uncomfortable of having “Mommy’s friend Derek” in their home. “We were on FaceTime. I could see him and the look on his face.” So, being the good Dad that he is, Matt went to see what the deal was.

Gloria and Matt married in 2012 and separated last year amid rumors of trust issues. Since then, he alleges that he hooked up with Rihanna. The singer vehemently denies it. From 2010 to 2012, Matt and Derek were friends and colleagues—they played together on the Los Angeles Lakers. "We were close. We were friends," Matt says. "Some things have happened to change that. It is what it is."

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