Meek Mill Faces Jail Time After A Probation Hearing Circus

Chris Brown defends rapper in Twitter rant. 

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Meek Mill was hit with bad news yesterday after a Philadelphia judge found him guilty of violating his probation when he traveled outside of the city.  The rapper got emotional on the stand and pled with the judge: "I'm not a gangsta. I'm not a criminal." He added, "I have my queen, Nicki [Minaj] now. I'm trying to do better and feel like I can be the best rapper out there."

Meek’s fans were in the courtroom to support him. At one point, Meek's attorney asked him to talk about being nominated for an Oscar for his song from the movie Creed. The District Attorney interrupted, "He's in consideration! He's not nominated,” to which one fan in the court yelled, "Hater!"

At one point, Meek also apologized to the D.A. for calling her a bitch in his song "The Ride."

The judge will sentence Meek in February and he is facing jail time.

One very vocal supporter is Chris Brown. The singer, who has had his own issues with the law, went on a Twitter rant about the inequities in the legal system. “The system is set on bulls--t. The DAs and JUDGES get just as high as the next man and f--k people's lives up!” he said. “wish the judge could see the influence meek mill can have out of jail more than in it. Y'all wanna lock him up but what about FREDDIE GRAY?,” he continued, referring to the African American man killed by police in Baltimore. Chris isn’t worried about offending anyone because, according to him, he “ain’t on probation” anymore.

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