Meek Mill Versus Joe Budden Is The Next Messy Rap Battle, Apparently

It also involves Drake and French Montana... and it all started with social media, of course.

By Jazzi Johnson

I know what you're thinking - that this whole thing will just play out the same way it did with Drake. But surprisingly, Meek might be coming out on top of this one. Joe Budden versus Meek Mill began brewing a long time ago, and it's finally coming to the surface.

Meek Mill has obviously reached his breaking point when it comes to Joe Budden. On Sunday, Meek released a video snippet of him performing a new song, and it most definitely targets the "Pump It Up" rapper.

“N—– say that we beefing / Probably ain’t gonna see ’em / I’m just pushing the buttons / Buddens on ’em and they gon’ leave em,” he raps. Watch and listen below.

And just two days ago, he joined the rest of the internet in making fun of the rapper when he chased after Drake fans who harrassed him at his home.

Chasing opps! 😂😂 he live a wild life in real life lol

A photo posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on


If you're confused, you may not have had time to keep up with this telenovela. Allow me to explain.

To begin, Budden has been a pretty busy rapper. Aside from making music and being a retired reality show star, he also hosts his I'll Name This Podcast Later, which initially sparked a feud between he and Mill last year. Of course he had a lot to say about Meek Mill's embarrassing loss to Drake, but the buck doesn't stop there.

Then, he had a problem with Meek Mill's affection toward Nicki Minaj atthe BET Awards. "Meek's music is too hard for me to look at him with this fucking sappy f*ck-s*it," he said. "Be the hardcore guy that I'm sure she was attracted to at some point. It's nasty. I hate everything about it."

Hmmmm, ok. 

Meek then blasted Joe Budden on Twitter for his comments, calling him an "old hating noodle," adding “...[I]t ain’t dat boy level to b commenting on the way I handle my lady! Yall gotta have a chill button when you speaking on da trill."

Even Nicki Minaj chimmed in, saying "Why would you be bothered by another man showing love to his girl? Let’s celebrate black love. All the best w/ur podcast. All jokes aside.”

Of course Budden then complained that Nicki was being "stupid" because "she likes stupid n---" (referring to Mill).

So fast forward to now, as Budden is immersed in a "beef" with Drake (after criticizing his album Views-- albeit, respectfully), he's simultaneously going head-to-head with Meek Mill. Following what Budden perceived as a diss to him on Drake's "4pm in Calabasas," he recorded "Making A Murderer Pt. 1" which included a side-bar diss to Meek. 

Meek reportedly responded with a since-deleted Instagram meme, and that set Budden off... even more.

He replied with his own mocking meme that read "MEEK IF YOU DON'T SHUT YO BUM ASS UP" with the caption reading "You keep talking everything but rap (I think we all understand why lol)..Do yourself a favor, sit back & watch a real MC do what you couldn't." (It's been deleted).

Welp, Meek Mill decided to make the first move this time around, and it might even turn out better for him than his beef with Drake. Even though he said he wouldn't waste his time dissing "crackhead" Joey on wax, it's quite clear that he's changed his mind. We'll see how this one plays out...


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