Meek Mill Would Fight Drake For $5 Mill If Nicki Minaj Is The Ring Girl

Hmm, think Drake's interested? We know Nicki ain't...

By Aimée Lutkin

It looks like Meek Mill is doing what most people do after a breakup. Working out and obsessing over the hotties their ex might hook up since they’re out of the picture. Meek has always had an unhealthy obsession with Drake, driving something of wedge between Nicki Minaj and her one-time collaborator. It may be that Drake called her up as soon as the official confirmation of her and Meek splitting was on the internets, but it seems like it’s Meek who immediately thought of Drake.

Bossip shared a post of Meek talking to a friend at the gym about the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown feud that has escalated into a potential Pay-Per-View fight in the ring. He stares into the camera at his own reflection for a while, then says, “I’d fight Drizzy for 5 mil.” He then says people would tune in for that and adds, “Nicki can be the ring girl.”

#MeekMill says he would fight #Drake for $5 Mill and #NickiMinaj can be the ring girl (vid @akadmiks)

A video posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on


His friend’s response is probably reflective of everyone’s, a non-committal, “Ha.” Like, that's not very funny or true, but I need to say something, I guess!

Nicki didn’t really have time for your beef with Drake when you were together, Meek, she definitely doesn’t care now.

Still, I suspect Meek Mill could beat Drake in a fight, but Drake also has better things to do than deal with Meek’s nonsense, as he’s asserted again and again.

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