Meet Maybelline's First Global Asian Model

The cosmetic giant makes history.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Maybelline is adding more color to its roster of models. The cosmetics brand has signed Taiwanese model I-Hua (pronounced ee-hwa) Wu as its first global Asian model. She's not Maybelline's first Asian face--model Shu Pei represented the brand before--but she'll be the first Asian to represent Maybelline in ads worldwide.

Wu spoke to NY Mag about the honor. Despite her beauty, she wasn't always so confident. "Some people from my agency made fun of me, saying my clothes were too dorky. People made fun of my height, and I felt inferior and even started hunching my shoulders to try and appear shorter. I wouldn’t wear anything with a heel, even it was just with a quarter-inch of height," she explains.

Wu says that modeling has helped her change her own perspectives of what Asian beauty is. "A lot of Taiwanese girls are slowly letting go of giving themselves the pressure to conform to a certain type of beauty. You can’t give yourself such strict definitions of what is beautiful."

Meet I-Hua Wu:

A photo posted by i-hua wu 吳宜樺 (@_ihua_) on


Congratulations, I-Hua!

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