M.I.A. Takes A Controversial Stance On #BlackLivesMatter

"Is Beyoncé or Kendrick Lamar going to say Muslim Lives Matter? Or Syrian Lives Matter?"

By Eric Shorey

M.I.A. has always been one of the most political artists in the rap game, and now she's coming for other celebrities who are less committed to social change. In a recent interview with London's Evening Standard magazine, M.I.A. took aim at Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar for their lack of global perspectives.

Specifically, M.I.A. had this to say:

"It’s interesting that in America the problem you’re allowed to talk about is Black Lives Matter. It's not a new thing to me — it’s what Lauryn Hill was saying in the 1990s, or Public Enemy in the 1980s. Is Beyoncé or Kendrick Lamar going to say Muslim Lives Matter? Or Syrian Lives Matter? Or this kid in Pakistan matters? That’s a more interesting question ... You can't ask it on a song that’s on Apple, you cannot ask it on an American TV programme, you cannot create that tag on Twitter, Michelle Obama is not going to hump you back."

Although it's easy to read this as an attack on specific mainstream celebrities, the "Paper Planes" singer clarified her comments on Twitter:

But M.I.A. isn't all talk. Her most recent track, "Borders," highlights these issues and concerns rather specifically. Released earlier this year as an Apple exclusive, the self-directed video depicts a stylized version of the struggle of international refugees:

M.I.A. will eventually drop her fifth studio album, tentatively titled Matahdatah, although no date is currently set for its release.

h/t: Pitchfork

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