Miley Is Wearing Her Liam Hemsworth Engagement Ring Again

Don't even start about how she was faking being queer though.

By Eric Shorey

Let's get this out of the way: Just cause Miley Cyrus is back with a man doesn't mean she was using her pansexuality for publicity, as many commentors have claimed in the past. A person's sexuality isn't dependent on who they are currently dating. Got it? Cool. Moving on.

Miley Cyrus is back with Liam Hemsworth! Or so it seems from an Instagram shot, which show the provocative princess donning her old Neil Lane engagement ring from her former bae.

The two have been spotted canoodling at various public places for a few weeks now, but the celebrity super sleuths over at ONTD clocked some more definitive evidence of the couples' reunion:

I look like a fucking strawberry. #looklikemyfuckingmomdressedmethisam #prettysureihadthissamelookat6

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

A source recently told US Magazine that "[Miley has] always loved Liam and always will ... She never really got over Liam. He realizes she was growing up and experimenting, he took a step back and gave her time to do that. Miley’s always had a special place in his heart." Yeah, I don't know. It's probably more complicated than all that.

Anyway, let's review. 1) Miley is probably back with Liam. 2) That doesn't make her straight or invalidate her pro-queer politics. 3) What the hell is she going to wear to that wedding?!

But enough guy talk -- let's take a look at some of Miley's most outrageous outfits ever.

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