Muhammad Ali's Ex-Girlfriend Is Trying To Cash In On His Sex Tapes

She wants six figures for the footage of Ali attending sex parties.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Is this real life? Less than two weeks after Muhammad Ali's death, his ex-girlfriend is trying to cash in on tapes, The Mirror reports.

70 year-old Barbara Mensah claims she has a collection of tapes that show Ali attending sex parties after his matches, and she wants over $100,000 for them.

"I know the value of the footage," she said in an interview with Sunday People, adding, "No one has anything like this. I'd like to get as much as I can for it."

Mensah claims the tapes were ­given to her by one of Ali's closest friends, and that she plans to have the footage converted to CDs to make the sale easier.

"There would be Ali and a few of his guys [at the sex parties] and then about a dozen or more girls. All of them were stunning," she continued. "Muhammad couldn't keep away from a pretty girl whether he was married or not."

As if that wasn't shocking enough, Mensah also claims that Ali is the father of her 35 year-old daughter Kiiursti, and that she was conceived during the 20-year affair she and Ali carried on. Mensah blames Ali's widow, Lonnie, for keeping her out of his life.
Following Ali's funeral, she posted a photo of his coffin on Facebook, writing, "I'm so glad I came to say goodbye to my love, you were always there for me I never would have missed your home going for the world."

She continued, "Yes, she tried to keep me from you in life and in death but here I am at the private funeral. R.I.P. my love."


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