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"Nasty Woman" Shirts Raised Over $100k For Planned Parenthood

"What better way to say ‘F*ck Trump,'" said the creator.

Remember when Donald Trump tried to shade Hillary Clinton by calling her a "nasty woman"? One smart woman took the insult and turned it into a cool t-shirt, which has raised over $100k for Planned Parenthood.


The Cut reports that the white t-shirt features "NASTY WOMAN" over a pink heart. After being worn by celebrities like Katy Perry, the t-shirt has become insanely popular. Half of the proceeds have been donated to Planned Parenthood— in Trump's name. “I didn’t think I’d sell very many, maybe four or five,” shirt creator Amanda shared. “But then five turned into 500, and that turned into thousands, almost overnight. What better way to say ‘f*ck Trump,’ right?!?!”

T-shirts are available for nasty women and men. Get your own for $25 from Google Ghost.  

[Photo: Google Ghost]

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