Nick Carter Arrested After Key West Bar Fight

The former Backstreet Boy grabbed a bouncer by the throat. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Is Nick Carter pulling a Lindsay Lohan? The former Backstreet Boy singer is currently in police custody after getting into a bar fight in Key West last night. According to reports, the fight broke out at the Hog's Breath Saloon after a bartender refused to serve Carter and his friend, Michael Papayans, on the grounds that they'd already had one too many. The staff asked them to leave when they started to get aggressive, but Carter and Papayans weren't willing to go quietly. 

USA TODAY reports that once the two were outside, things got even more out of hand. A physical altercation broke out, with Carter grabbing a bouncer by the throat and Papayans head-butting an employee. Police arrived on the scene and took both men into custody after reviewing the security cam footage (I'm sure the blood Papayans had on his hands, face, and knees didn't help their case either). 

Both are currently being held on charges of misdemeanor battery, with Carter being scheduled to appear in court later today.

Behold the mugshot: 

TMZ posted a video of the incident earlier today, and while the picture is a little dark and grainy, you can clearly hear Carter and Papayans drunkenly try to tell their side of the story to the cops.


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