Nicki Minaj Explains Why She Won't Ever Get Involved In Meek Mill's Beefs

It's actually quite simple.

Nicki Minaj is standing by her man but that doesn't mean getting in his business. Meek Mill has had his fair share of beef and Nicki is often unwillingly pulled into the mix. Despite, she's remained largely quiet and it's an intentional decision. She reveals that the real reason she doesn't step in is out of respect.

"As a man and as a rapper and as an artist, he runs his sh*t the way I run my sh*t," she tells Hot 97. "He’s the boss of his stuff."

The "Anaconda" star says that it's not her place to tell her man what to do. "I don’t really want to step in too much, because it’s not my place. Behind the scenes, I’m such a rapper that I’m always critiquing everything but he gotta live his own life at a certain point in terms of his career choices.”

This hands-off approach is probably the smartest move. Meek has had issues with a slew of rappers, including those that Nicki has collaborated with like, The Game and Drake. By giving Meek the respect to do what he wants, Nicki keeps her personal and business lives completely separated.

Boss move.

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