Nicki Minaj Has The Best Idea For Her Own Reality Show

Would you watch?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Is Nicki Minaj headed for reality TV? The rapper, who recently signed a modeling contract, has yet to try her hand at television, but should she ever decide to take that leap, she already has a pretty good idea for her own show.

Earlier this week, Nicki shared her million dollar pitch with her 77 million Instagram followers, and it involves an expression she wears in many, many photos: her well-known kissy face.

"I want to create my own reality show where all I do is walk up to strangers in the middle of the street (who have no clue who TF I am) and randomly do the kissy face while not saying a word & posing for an imaginary camera," Nicki wrote. "Would u watch?"

Well, would you? Check out Nicki's pitch, and her gallery of kissy face photos, below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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