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Nicki Minaj Slammed Her Haters For Making Fun Of Her Twerking

She also explained why it didn't go quite as planned.

No one is more harsh when it comes to twerking than the collective internet. They came for Serena Williams, they came for Malia Obama, and now they're coming for Nicki Minaj.

After video spread of Nicki Minaj twerking on stage at the Tidal X: 1015 show on Saturday, it wasn't long before Twitter attacked. And believe me, they were ruthless.

It looks like even Nicki had to admit that her twerking during the performance wasn't what she planned; she posted a video of herself twerking backstage in her dressing room before the show, joking that the "rehearsal was better."


She even joked about her lack of a great twerk performance on The Breakfast Club when Charlamagne jokingly asked her who would win in a twerk battle, her or her ex Safaree. "Well first of all, you have to compare my twerk video on my Instagram because that's the one that's epic... he can't do better than that. Now, the one at Tidal? Yes [he could do better]," she joked. "I had reservations [during the twerk performance] because the photographers were supposed to leave during that time. They were supposed to leave after the second song and then when I looked around and they were still there, I was like 'wait, hold on.' I'm talking about still photography."

But it seems that Nicki got sick of all the backlash. She clapped back at the haters, posting and later deleting in a caption, "Ya'll was shook. Don't make me have to post the rest either. I stopped it just in time to keep ya'll SHOOK!!" Read in full below.


At least Nicki isn't sweatin' the haters.
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