Nicki Minaj Trolled All Her Fans With A Fake Album Last Night

They were laughing too hard to be mad.

By Aimée Lutkin

Everyone has been longing for a new Nicki Minaj album. After “it’s my birthday give me a shout out!” she probably gets the most questions on Twitter about these allusive tracks. On Saturday, Minaj finally got fed up and just started yanking everyone’s chain. She announced on Twitter, “Ok u know what I wasn't gonna say anything but damn ya got it out of me. The album drops at midnight. it's called #PickMyFruitOut.”

There was a brief time in which people dared to believe, begging for some song names. She responded that, duh, the tracks are all named after fruit.

Then she released her set list.

Hmm, yep, as promised all the songs are named after fruit and all are FAKE. But people weren’t even mad. They were having a blast making up fruit names, lyrics, and special guests on her tangy sweet album.

Guess there’s nothing Nicki Minaj can do to drive away her fans.

[Photo: Getty]

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