Nicki Minaj's Ex Safaree Samuels Thinks She's Intimidated By Cardi B's Success

He claims Nicki isn't sincere in her support of Cardi.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Nicki Minaj has made it clear that she has no beef with Cardi B, but her ex Safaree Samuels isn't buying it.

Safaree sat down for a conversation with Everyday Struggle this week, where he was asked whether or not he feels like Cardi's success has Nicki "sweating."

"100 percent," Safaree responded, and when asked why, added, "Because I know how she is."

Nicki did congratulate Cardi onĀ making history via Twitter, and has shown love for Cardi and her music in the past. If you ask Safaree though, it's all an act to avoid looking unsupportive.

"Listen. One thing you can't look like out here is a hater," he explained.

He seemed pretty sure of his claims, adding later, "Once you know somebody, you don't even have to second guess or wonder."

You can check out more of Safaree's take on Nicki and Cardi's supposed rivalry in the clip below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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