Of Course Ariana Grande Faced Backlash For Speaking Out Against Misogyny

"[E]xpressing sexuality in art is not an invitation for disrespect," replied Grande on social media.

By Eric Shorey

Yesterday, Ariana Grande shared a personal narrative about a male fan who crossed a line with her by making inappropriate comments about her relationship. Encouraging fellow women to speak out against sexism, the social media post was celebrated by many who were happy to see the singer taking a stand. But of course, not all were thrilled to see empowerment on display, leading to another passionate response from Ariana over social media.

More specifically: Grande was responding to some who seemed to suggest that she had sexualized herself with her public persona. Ariana was not here for that argument:

Hell yeah!

We're totally into this feminist Ariana! She's so much better than Adult Baby Ariana or Donut Licking Ariana.

h/t: Jezebel

[Photo: Getty Images]

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