Paris Hilton To Produce Documentary About Herself, Duh

That's hot.

By Eric Shorey

How it took Paris Hilton 35 years of life on this Earth to discover that the world needs a documentary produced by her and focusing entirely on her, we may never know. Luckily, Paris Hilton is producing a documentary about herself, because of course she is.

Using the Cannes film festival to announce the new project, 9.14 Pictures and XYZ Films will be creating a totally "authorized" documentary on the "businesswoman, entrepreneur and media icon." The film will be directed by Don Argott and Sheena Joyce.

“Paris Hilton is a modern day-Marilyn Monroe — beautiful, iconized, world famous, shaped by mass media and misunderstood," said Argott and Joyce. "We are thrilled to work with Paris to explore her complicated relationship with the public, the press and the politics that shape our perception of a modern celebrity."

Although not much is being said about the content or style of the new doc, the project is already being called "unflinching."

Two other words that can be used to describe the forthcoming film: That's hot.


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