Paris Jackson Responds To Her Dad's Latest Child Pornography Reports

Um, she's mad.

By Aimée Lutkin

Michael Jackson is back in the news again after reports surfaced that claim the pornography found on Neverland Ranch during raids contained graphic images of children and animals. Some maintain that the images referred to were from art photography books, others that they were photos Jackson used to groom children who stayed as guests at the ranch.

It is unlikely that anyone will ever know the truth about Michael Jackson’s sexual proclivities, but it’s pretty insane that he still comes up as a subject of controversy years after his death. For fans or casual observers, it’s just another bizarre anecdote about the King of Pop, but for some people it’s very real and painful.

Paris Jackson, Michael’s daughter, took to social media to express her disgust with what she sees as sensationalist news:


A photo posted by Paris-Michael K. Jackson (@parisjackson) on


Most likely, no one will actually ever be able to confirm whether or not Michael Jackson was a misunderstood artist or a predator. Unfortunately, it’s his family who will be dealing with the fallout from the continued debate.

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