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Very Real

Phoenix Man Claims Disturbing Paranormal Activity Is Taking Place In His Home

And he's turning to social media for help.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
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A man in Phoenix, Arizona is convinced that there's something unexplainable going on in his house, and he's asking for social media's help in dealing with it.

AZ Central reports that 28-year-old Rudy Calderon first began experiencing strange happenings in the home he shares with his grandfather, aunt, and two cousins late last month. The disturbances started out small; Calderon and his family began hearing strange noises, finding drawers and cabinets left opened, and observing items getting lost only to be found in another part of the house.

That was weird enough, but the apparent haunting in Calderon's home reached new levels of creepy after the family found a Yiddish word scribbled on the bathroom wall in what appeared to be charcoal. According to Google Translate, the word found on the wall means means "danger."

And if that wasn't disturbing enough? Calderon says no one in his family is Jewish or can write in Yiddish.

At the time, Calderon and his family tried to write everything off as a prank, but when no one in the family admitted to doing it, supernatural activity seemed to be the only explanation.

"I don't think this is natural, I think there's a supernatural entity involved," Calderon told AZ Central. "But I can't say one way or another."

Unfortunately for Calderon and company, things got even more strange; the bathrooms and tubs were inexplicably flooded with water, and when a plumber came to investigate the problem, he reportedly couldn't find anything wrong.

On Christmas Eve, Calderon turned to social media for help. Pictures and videos of the strange happenings in his West Phoenix home have been viewed over 80,000 times in the past two weeks.

"As a family of faith I know God will protect us but we're terrified," Calderon wrote in his post.

While some have been flooding Calderon's post with advice, others think it's all a hoax. What do you think? You can check out Calderon's plea for help below.

[Photo: Facebook, Screenshot: AZ Central]