Plus-Size Supermodel Tess Holliday Posed Nude For The Telegraph

"When I tell people I’m a model, they look at me like I’ve said I’ve murdered someone."

By Eric Shorey

We've been awed by the full-bodied beauty of plus-size supermodel Tess Holliday, but now we're finally getting a look at her, well, full body. A new shoot and feature for The Telegraph has Miss Holliday baring it all and taking on fatphobia.

Tess certainly isn't letting her weight or people's regressive beauty standards keep her from posing in the nude, even at 7 months pregnant. "When I tell people I’m a model, they look at me like I’ve said I’ve murdered someone," she says proudly.

"Just because we’re plus size, doesn’t mean we have to prove that we’re healthy," she continued. "Just as someone who is smaller than us or average size doesn’t have to prove they are healthy. We should be able to exist in our bodies. I am technically healthy, but my body is no more valid than someone’s who isn’t. I feel like we are held to a different standard because we’re living in bigger bodies."

"People say we drain the economy, but I pay for my own health care, and even if I didn’t, I pay taxes just like everybody else."

The article, which can be read over here, delves into the fashion industry's changing attitudes about body positivity. The piece ends optimisitically, noting Holliday's upcoming shoots with photography legend David LaChapelle and the possibility of plus-size models in next year's Victoria's Secret shows. 

"Nobody can judge you or make you feel bad for your choices," Holliday concludes. "We should all be celebrated."

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