Press Play On Snoop Dogg's Animal Show 'Planet Snoop.' Then Get Your Life!

Our wildest dreams have finally come true!

"That ain't Alvin, Simon, or Theodore!" Who else but Snoop Dogg to say the unimaginable when narrating the most primal, instinctual, natural moments on Earth?

Just two months ago, our worlds were rocked when Snoop Dogg appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and narrated a clip from Planet Earth. What happened afterwards was the greatest thing known to man-- over 65,000 people signed a petition entitled "Get Snoop Dogg to Narrate Whole Season of Planet Earth."

I'm not sure who dropped the ball over at the BBC, but I'm super thankful that Snoop Dogg has his own outlet to make whatever he desires, happen. 

Planet Snoop is the new original series hosted exclusively on MERRY JANE, the D-O-double-G's viral network about all things cannabis and (obviously) hilarious. 

In this very first episode, the veteran rapper magically and oh-so-brilliantly narrates the greatest struggle between a squirrel and a snake caught on camera. See what can happen when we all work together? Internets, we win again. 

Watch the amazing clip below.

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