PSA: Don't Use Olive Oil Hair Spray For Cooking

Seriously! Stop doing this!

By Eric Shorey

I am but a lowly ignorant white boy who knows little to nothing about hair products. Like, I don't even use shampoo or conditioner anymore. Yet, apparently, many other white people are more follically confused than I: reports of white people using olive oil hairspray in their cooking are relatively common these days. So here's a PSA: don't do that!

Somehow a fairly common salon product has found its way to a handful of grocery stores. According to the Daily Dot, the hair-did essential once "ended up right next to the canola oil at a Walmart in Huntsville, Alabama," and has been spotted in white people kitchens accross the globe:

As with all hair sprays: this product is incredibly flammable and therefore should not be used for any kind of culinary endeavors.

This has been a Public Service Announcement from your friends at Please go about the rest of your day as usual.

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