Rainbow Hair Is The Most Subtle Crazy Dye Job You'll See

Hidden rainbow hair is so crazy you gotta see it to believe it.

From ombre to balayage, there's no shortage of ways to dye your hair this season. But if you want a crazy change without totally committing? Hidden rainbow hair combines the vibrant color with the option to change your mind.


Hidden rainbow is a dying technique that hides a rainbow of colors beneath your natural hair. Lift the natural section of hair to reveal all the pretty colors! 

“Hidden rainbows are placed in spots not normally seen unless the hair is up,” hair stylist Athena Golden tells The Huffington Post. “We usually place layers to give the peekaboo effect.” Aside from effect, hidden rainbow hair gives you the option to wear your natural shade whenever you want. Plus it looks really cute when put up in a bun or braided.

This is definitely not a dye job you want to do home in the sink. “Done wrong, the colors mix with the base tone of the hair and make a color not intended,” Gold says. Blue dye on blonde hair could turn all green if done in the wrong hands.

Here's how women are rocking hidden rainbow hair:

[Photo: Instagram]


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