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Rainbow Sushi Completes The Rainbow Food Fad Perfectly

That's some raw rainbow.

Personally, I have a very strict “no photos of food” on Instagram policy, but it mainly stems from the fact that a lot of what I eat is just piles of mush in a bowl. No one wants to see that. Instagram also inspires a lot of creations that have zero functionality. They’re they’re the couture of photographs. Not just with food, also with hair color, nails, makeup. Pretty much anything that looks great but wouldn’t survive a subway ride.


These rainbow food fads are made for Instagram. Coffee, bagels, milkshakes, grilled cheese. They all look wonderful, but you really gotta wonder how they taste. I’ve avoided them all, but I’ve just been won over by Rainbow Sushi. Look at it—it’s just so gorgeous!


It’s also not necessarily made with lots of sketchy neon chemicals. There’s beet powder for pink, gochujang for orange, and turmeric for yellow. Blue and purple are more complicated and involve boiling cabbage, but let’s be honest, you were probably never going to do this at home.


I’m happy to pay professionals to make my sushi beautiful because that’s what I’ve been doing all along anyway. I’ll also leave the Instagrammable food to peoepl who know what they're doing. You really don’t want to see the lentil soup I had for lunch. It’s grey.

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