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Very Real

Rapper Hell Rell Jumped At A Restaurant In Front Of His Family (Video)

The rapper was attacked by a group of men that seemed to have longstanding beef with him.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
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Hell Rell was jumped by a group of unidentified men while he and his family were eating at a restaurant last weekend, XXL reports.

In a short video that recently began circulating online, one man walks up to the rapper and begins punching him while he's still seated. As Hell Rell falls to the floor, the first man continues hitting him as two other men — who seem to have come with the first man — watch.

"You remember that?" one man asks repeatedly, suggesting that the restaurant beatdown wasn't random at all, but part of a longstanding beef.

Hell Rell eventually slips away, making it to the door, as the video ends.

The rapper seemingly responded to commentary about the video during an Instagram Live session, Hot New Hip Hop reports, saying at one point, "N*ggas play with me, they can get hit. No more games. Gloves is off for these sucka a** n*ggas."

It's probably safe to say that he's unbothered. Check out his full response below.

[Photo: Twitter]