Remy Ma Released Another Nicki Minaj Diss Track...And Got Dragged Online

Did she ether herself or was it a minor slip-up?

By Aimée Lutkin

Nicki Minaj has been enjoying Paris Fashion Week as her self-appointed enemy Remy Ma slow cooks a rap beef. Everyone has been wondering how Minaj will respond to Remy’s absolutely savage diss track "ShEther" and so far, she hasn’t, really. Besides a few deleted Instagram posts, angry text messages, and lots of sexy photos of herself-- she's been rather hush where it matters: on a beat. If I were Remy Ma, I’d just sit back and enjoy the accolades.

As Remy points out in this tweet, she was doing pretty good with that:

But, nah. She couldn't just wait it out. HipHopDX reports that Remy Ma has a NEW diss track called "Another One" for Minaj, which Funk Flex debuted on Hot 97 on Thursday.

Here are some of the lyrics:

"I guess you know now who the head bitch is/I'm a savage, I be killin' dead bitches/I bet you wish that you ain't never said shit/Now they so busy shootin' videos and I'm like nah/Where the fuck is your song? I mean, come on/You know the pub want some bars, I'm Remy Ma/Güerito, I ain't sparrin' with you bozos/My raps too hard and you Miguel Cotto, uh."

"I swear to God, this chick a real fraud/Bet you wonderin' how I know your problems?/It's a lot of people that you really bothered/They was sellin' footage and you know I bought it/This ain't a little L, wait, wait/You took a Big L, you diggin' in the crates, yeah/I put you on the bench, you really press/She was absent, an automatic F/Waited four days, ma, where you been?/I came here in the 'Rari playin' Lil' Kim/Don't know what made you think that you could fuck with Rem/But I guess this is what I gotta do to make ya spit."

Definitely not as specific or just straight up mean as "ShEther" was, though it does seem to imply that Remy has some video of Nicki Minaj doing...something. Folks on Twitter seem to be less receptive to this track, probably because it’s not as good and was unnecesssary after a seven-minute slaughter.

Nicki Minaj - while still not responding - sat back and enjoyed the laughter quietly.

Meanwhile #NickiMinaj throwing some shade of her own through her #Twitter likes 😩😩 #RemyMa #PettyWap

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After awhile if the person you’re feuding with isn’t responding, you just look a little silly. Remy may have taken a small L for this one but Minaj still isn't off the hook... where's the track, Nicki?!

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