Rob And Chyna Team Up With Kris Jenner To Make Millions On Their Big Day

It's all about the benjamins...and a baby. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Remember how at first everyone thought Blac Chyna and Rob wouldn't let Kris anywhere near their nuptials? Well, we were all dead wrong.

TMZ has reported that Chyna and Rob are not only televising their pregnancy experience, but also wants to sign a deal to get a separate docu-series focused on their wedding. They're hoping to follow in Kim's footsteps (she made a boatload televising her wedding to Kris Humphries) and make millions off of it-- and to do that, they need Kris.

They want Rob's sisters to be a big part of it too, and they're wiling to let Kris handle the whole thing to make sure they can, well, basically milk it for all it's worth. Can you really blame them?

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