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Rob Kardashian Is Reportedly Struggling To Become A "Healthier Dad" For Dream

According to a Kardashian insider, Rob is "very much addicted to junk food." 

Changing your life for the better is never easy.

As previously reported, Rob Kardashian has embarked on a weight loss journey, and is determined to get healthier for the sake of his daughter Dream. According to a source close to the family, however, the Kardashian son is is "very much addicted to junk food" and is finding it "very difficult" to stay motivated, "especially when it comes to his diet."

"He is now working with a nutritionist to make healthier choices," said People's source. "Rob needs someone to be held accountable to, someone that he sees on a regular basis and that won't accept bad food decisions. His family is hoping he will finally change."

Rob has struggled with weight gain and depression before, but it was reportedly the birth of his daughter that inspired him to want to be a better person, so much so that he even sought counseling.

"It's like Rob is finally realizing the seriousness of being overweight and not taking care of himself," the source explained. "His family has been pushing very hard for him to work on himself."

"They keep telling him that he has no choice because Dream needs a healthier dad," the source added.

All the legal drama probably isn't helping, either. Here's hoping the battle between Rob and Blac Chyna cools off soon, for the sake of everyone involved.

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