Rosie O'Donnell And Ivanka Trump Had A Nice Conversation About Who Knows What

Is world peace truly possible?

The longstanding beef between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump took the stage at last week's Presidential Debate, alongside other, far less important issues like immigration and nuclear war. Now, Rosie offers us hope for this ailing nation by brokering peace with a Trump scion. If these two can put their differences aside, just for a moment, might we as a nation find some peace in the near future?

The meeting with Ivanka Trump, which in reality was totally accidental, went down at New York City's Nobu restaurant in midtown Manhattan last night.

Many thought Rosie (who is, after all, a comedian) was joking, but she non-ironically confirmed the conversation shortly thereafter:

While no details have been revealed about what the two discussed (Kim Kardashian's robbery? Creepy clowns?) it seems like they were, at the very least, civil. And that's more than we can say about most convserations these days.

Neither Donald nor Ivanka have commented on the situation.

h/t: Towleroad

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